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Sunday School (all ages): 10:00a

Main Gathering*:  11:00a 

        First Sunday:  Join us, on the first Sunday of each month, for lunch immediately following the 11:00a gathering.

=Midweek Disciple Groups: Want to dig deeper, experience close friendships with others along the Way?  Join one of our Disciple Groups today!  Click on the Groups tab to the left, to discover more!


 *we use the title gathering, instead of service, because we operate under the belief that each follower of Christ has an active and important role in advancing the kingdom of God, through His local church, His body, here in Windham.  Calling it a "service" invites little involvement by the body as a whole, resting upon a select few individuals.  

**Check out The Experiment, our community for 7th-12th graders, where they experience God is Real, and They are Loved.