The Outpost

Thanks for checking in at The Outpost.  We will be adding new and exciting content at different times, so be sure to check back soon.  

Why 'The Outpost'?  On the frontier, the Outpost was the outermost point of security, known-ness along a trail through an otherwise unknown territory.  They were known by many different names, all serving one purpose.  A destination into the frontier.  And that's exactly what the Men's ministry here at MHMC is about.  

Trying to find your way through Life as a man feels just like that: a frontier.  Great unknowns, past wounds, weighty decisions, it can all seem to be too much.  Know this: you are not alone.  The single greatest battle you will ever fight, is that of your identity.  John Eldridge (author of Wild at Heart) puts it this way, that there are two deep and longing questions in each man's heart: Am I a man? and Do I have what it takes?  Identity and Validation.  Thankfully it's not a journey you have to take alone.  Granted, there will be times where the battle is yours alone to fight, but more often than not, the battle you will face, will not be by yourself.  

Choose to join our ranks, as we move forward in this life, and the next, as men...the way God Himself intended.  

What to join the conversation online?  Let us know you would like to join our group on Facebook via the Contact Us tab.  We are looking forward to our journey together.  

Here are some resources to check out that will help guide you in your journey (and don't worry, we've checked them out ourselves, and you won't find anything but what points you towards true manhood):


-Ransomed Heart (John Eldredge Ministries)

-Save The Cowboy (Long X Ranch Church and Ministry)

-WIRE (Devotional and resources by men, for men)


-Wild at Heart by John Eldredge (we recommend starting with this one)

-Fathered by God by John Eldredge 

-Heroic Path by John Sowers

-Checkpoints by Brian Mills and Nathan Wagnon (an excellent resource for mentoring teenage guys)

-Crazy Horse by Joseph M. Marshall III (no it's not a "Christian" book, but an excellent resource on raising boys to become men)

-We will be adding more to this list, so be sure to check back often.  Let us know if you have a resource to share as well!